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When the amount of products/ goods that make the object of a purchase contract is the focus, the correctness and accuracy of information are vital for signing on trustworthy partnerships.

KRM INSPECTION's quantity inspection services provide the certification of the amount of loaded, unloaded or racked goods, and they can be applied to any bulk or sack-packaged product, whether cereals, food products, coal, coke, oil or other goods in a liquid state.

Our range of quantity inspection services includes:

¥     Assistance with weighing land means of transportation (trucks, wagons) or volumetric quantity determinations

¥     Tally service for the loading or unloading products from containers and/or land, river-borne or sea-borne means of transportation

¥     Quantity determinations (draft-survey) of river and sea-borne means of transportation (barges, flat boats, ships)

¥     Determining the amount of material in bunkers or stacks on land by volumetric measurements (cubage).


The quality of purchased products/ goods is the decisive factor in establishing the success of any contract you sign. Correct information on the state of products, verifications during transport (on demand) or within the warehousing environment, all these demands are encountered more and more often, regardless of industry.

Quality inspection of goods

¥     The state of the goods before, during and after loading/ unloading from the means of transportation, through visual control

¥     Taking-preparing samples for performing specific laboratory analyses for each type of product

¥     The analysis of samples taken or provided by customers, in our own laboratories or in partner accredited laboratories


In order to provide the recipient companies with the assurance that the goods observe the quality standards agreed by contract, before loading the goods of any type, their inspection is necessary.  KRM INSPECTION provides pre-loading inspection services for any type of goods.

The results of pre-loading inspections are included in inspection reports, issued to customers and being their guarantee that the loaded goods observe the contractual provisions signed with their partners.

Pre-shipment inspection operations are normally carried out at the manufacturer's main offices or at warehouses, and they consist of:

¥     The visual examination of the products to check their aspect and specific characteristics

¥     Checking the quantity according to the delivery documents, such as bills of parcel, credit letters, pro forma invoices, etc.

•     Checking the quality of goods by taking samples and by performing specific laboratory analyses, when applicable


The correct taking of representative samples from a material has a major importance over the material's quality assessment. A taken sample must be representative for a batch of product, so that the results of the tests performed should correctly reflect the overall quality of said product. KRM INSPECTION inspectors have the experience and are trained from the point of view of using standardized methods of taking samples.

Thus, we provide our customers with relevant results for the quality of the product, through a correct sampling and through an adequate preparation of the sample before analyses.

Each sample is labeled and sealed. The original samples are sent to laboratories for analysis, and their duplicates are made available to customers and to the other parties involved, a set of samples being always kept by KRM INSPECTION in case of litigation.

In the laboratory, the samples are prepared prior to performing the specific determination.


We are always counting on the accuracy of data we provide to our customers, this is why we complete the inspection services with the laboratory testing services, for all the products we inspect. The tests are carried out in our own laboratory, witch is going to be accreditated by Renar- National Organism for Accreditation.

Specific analysis

¥     Organoleptic examination

¥     Seed infestation

¥     Moisture

¥     Wet gluten, deformation rate

¥     Falling number

¥     Test weight

¥     Impurities, foreign matters and damaged seeds

¥     Refractive index for oil

¥     Protein