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Quality Inspection Services

By identifying defects early, our inspection services enable you to make necessary adjustments, preventing costly disruptions in production or supply. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of product recalls and other issues that could negatively impact your profits and long-term brand integrity. We conduct a wide range of inspections on corn, barley, rapeseed, wheat, sunflower seeds, and additional goods, ensuring comprehensive quality control across various products.

Warehouse Inspection Services

The independent inspections conducted by KRM Inspection identifies potential risks or threats to your goods before storage, ensuring the quality of your stored cargo is maintained and controlled. We inspect all warehouses and goods to guarantee your materials remain safe and in excellent condition. Our meticulous inspection process adheres to legislative procedures, ensuring that all inspections meet relevant regulatory requirements across the regions and markets where KRM operates.

Hold & Hatch Inspection Services

Before loading your cargo, we ensure that vessel holds are prepared by inspecting the load compartment’s readiness. We examine the hold to ensure it is dry, clean, and free from rust, as well as paint that may harm your cargo. We conduct chemical tests to confirm the absence of previous residues. Special attention is given to the ship’s log as previous cargo might pose issues quarantine wise. Additionally, we assess the hold for any damage, reviewing repainted areas.

Load Compartment Inspection Services

A KRM inspector confirms the readiness of the ship’s hold to receive your cargo, considering various factors that could impact cargo quality. We verify the absence of rust or paint chips that could contaminate or discolor your cargo. We ensure the absence of remnants from previous cargoes, including those in inaccessible areas. We identify any wooden partitions or dunnage that could react with the cargo and potentially ignite. We pay special attention to previous cargoes such as seeds or grains, which may have implications due to quarantine requirements. We check for signs of moisture or prior water damage in the hold or bilge.


Our fumigation services cover a wide spectrum, including the treatment of cargoes loaded into sea-going vessels, barges, and containers at ports and logistics centers globally. These services adhere strictly to rigorous national and international legislation, as well as globally accepted quality and safety standards. Our pest management services encompass various aspects such as fumigation of stored goods, both bagged and bulk agricultural commodities, disinfection of empty holds, denaturation, coloration, and more. We provide fumigation for cargoes loaded in barges, vessels, containers, trains, and trucks, along with biocide treatment and insect and mite control for agricultural commodities.

Sampling & Lab Sample Analysis

We provide sampling services for a variety of agricultural commodities, including grains, oilseeds, feeds, liquids, soil, plant tissue, and water. Our sampling analysis covers the entire process from field sampling to laboratory analysis. You obtain the necessary data to make informed decisions while verifying quality standards and taking appropriate actions when necessary. Our sampling methodologies ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results. We provide you with the necessary data to make informed decisions. By testing samples rather than the entire batches, we streamline both time and costs associated with quality control activities.

Laboratory Services

For our customers, we provide flexible, market-driven laboratory services that analyze a broad array of products within the foodstuffs, animal feed, compound feed, and (bio)fuels sectors. To ensure the quality of grains and oilseeds, swift and effective testing is essential. Our comprehensive grain and oilseed testing services swiftly and reliably confirm quality, while also facilitating proximate analysis and the detection of mycotoxins, contaminants, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). As a leader in grains and oilseeds testing, we bring unparalleled agricultural expertise and a vast global network to the table. Leveraging innovative technology, advanced testing methods, and skilled scientists and technicians, our laboratories uphold the highest standards of precision and integrity. Moreover, as a superintendent member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta), we possess the capability to inspect, verify, analyze, and offer guidance on all commodities (grain, pulses, rice, general produce, spice, and feeds) traded under Gafta Contract Terms.

Stock Monitoring & Measurement

We offer a comprehensive suite of stock management services designed to monitor and maintain the quality and integrity of your commodities throughout shipment & storage. In today’s global supply chains, there is ample opportunity for traded goods to deteriorate in quality and quantity. Reliable stock management solutions are crucial for accurately quantifying and assessing the condition of commodities during storage. Traders require the expertise of service providers that can inspect, sample, and test goods as they traverse the supply chain to ensure preservation. Our solutions empower you to monitor the quality and quantity of your products at every stage of the supply chain. Whether you opt for continuous monitoring or periodic spot inspections, our stock inspectors will test at export, import, and storage points to evaluate and certify the quality and quantity of your commodities. This proactive approach ensures that any damage, loss, or other issues are promptly identified, enabling swift actions such as insurance claims to be initiated with immediate effect.

Representation at Port of Loading/ Discharge

The potential for loss and damage to bulk cargoes during loading and discharge poses a significant financial risk and can harm the reputation of your business. Loading and discharge inspections are essential to verify the quality and quantity of cargoes, allowing you to mitigate risks within your supply chain. Our independent loading and discharge inspections encompass a wide range of supervision services tailored to all bulk commodities. Our inspectors adhere to relevant national and international standards to ensure accuracy, offering comprehensive solutions that include: Weight determination (such as draft surveys, tallying, and weighing supervision), Sampling procedures, Visual supervision, Damage surveys.
Additionally, we can serve as observing third-party inspectors to protect your interests, overseeing sampling processes conducted by a third party. Our team of experts diligently reports any deviations identified during evaluation and provides recommendations for improvement.

Loading / Unloading Supervision

Improper handling of your goods can result in damage, delays, and additional costs. Our loading/unloading supervision services are designed to ensure the safe and correct handling of your goods. We provide you with access to a unique network, guaranteeing the safe handling of your products worldwide.Professional supervision of your products during loading and unloading operations, ensuring proper handling and security of goods regardless of the mode of transport. Compliance with all quality and safety requirements. Shipping and storage in accordance with good transportation practices. Our loading/unloading supervision services involve thorough checks, including: monitoring handling throughout loading and unloading processes, inspecting the manufacturer’s premises or warehouse during packaging to confirm compliance with all requirements, assessing the general appearance of the cargo and/or packaging, Checking the cleanliness of transport vehicles, such as holds, railway wagons, cargo planes, or ship decks.
We also Verify loading documents, check stowing, fastening, wedging, and protection measures against natural elements, as well as Verify the number of packing cases and their marking against contractual specifications

Pest Control

Our pest control services safeguard your premises, products, and goods, ensuring compliance with relevant quality, health, and safety regulations. This mitigates the risk of contamination and preserves your reputation and brand image. To address the threat of insects and rodents throughout the supply chain and production process, our integrated pest management services encompasses: monitoring, prevention, and curative control of insects, rodents, and stored product pests, the implementation of non-toxic pest control systems, conducting bio risk assessments, establishing documented pest management systems, auditing hygiene and pest management standards.
Our pest management programs establish effective practices, supported by advanced technologies, enabling compliance with rigorous local and international legislation and standards.

Draft Survey

Draft surveys serve to ascertain the weight of bulk cargo, including iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain, and specific quantities of liquid cargo, loaded onto or discharged from a vessel. Utilizing draft surveys proves to be a convenient and cost-effective method for determining cargo quantity aboard a ship. This involves reading the vessel’s drafts, measuring the ballast water, fuel, diesel oil, and other liquids on board, and calculating the final quantity using the vessel’s approved deadweight scales and tank tables. The difference between the weights of water displaced before and after cargo transfer equates to the weight of the cargo within measurement accuracy limits. Ideally, during the survey, the ship should remain upright with minimal trim, lying still in water, and with ballast tanks either full or empty. In practice, draft surveys are intricate procedures demanding a highly qualified draft surveyor. Our draft surveyors feed the raw data from their readings into KRM’s unique draft survey software. This programme calculates the weight loaded (or discharged) using the internationally standardized draft survey protocol. We then compile the resulting findings into a draft survey report containing all of the details obtained during the survey. You can use this report as the basis for quantity certification of the cargo.

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