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With an extensive track record and presence across multiple countries, we have expertise in certifications, inspections, laboratory services, and pest control, providing peace of mind and trustworthy worldwide trade.

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Are you unsure if your grain is infested? As a perishable product, it needs prompt inspection, but your regular inspector keeps you waiting for days.

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The Possibilities Are Endless

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Our services:

Grain Inspection Services

By identifying defects early, our inspection services enable you to make necessary adjustments, preventing costly disruptions in production or supply. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of product recalls and other issues that could negatively impact your profits and long-term brand integrity. We conduct a wide range of inspections on corn, barley, rapeseed, wheat, sunflower seeds, and additional goods, ensuring comprehensive quality control across various products.

Warehouse Inspection Services

The independent inspections conducted by KRM Inspection identifies potential risks or threats to your goods before storage, ensuring the quality of your stored cargo is maintained and controlled. We inspect all warehouses and goods to guarantee your materials remain safe and in excellent condition. Our meticulous inspection process adheres to legislative procedures, ensuring that all inspections meet relevant regulatory requirements across the regions and markets where KRM operates.

Hold & Hatch Inspection Services

Before loading your cargo, we ensure that vessel holds are prepared by inspecting the load compartment’s readiness. We examine the hold to ensure it is dry, clean, and free from rust, as well as paint that may harm your cargo. We conduct chemical tests to confirm the absence of previous residues. Special attention is given to the ship’s log as previous cargo might pose issues quarantine wise. Additionally, we assess the hold for any damage, reviewing repainted areas.

Load Compartment Inspection Services

A KRM inspector confirms the readiness of the ship’s hold to receive your cargo, considering various factors that could impact cargo quality. We verify the absence of rust or paint chips that could contaminate or discolor your cargo. We ensure the absence of remnants from previous cargoes, including those in inaccessible areas. We identify any wooden partitions or dunnage that could react with the cargo and potentially ignite. We pay special attention to previous cargoes such as seeds or grains, which may have implications due to quarantine requirements. We check for signs of moisture or prior water damage in the hold or bilge.

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