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You have a pile of grain and you can’t figure out if it is infested or not? Grain is a perishable product and you need to get it inspected! You need a quick reaction, but your regular Inspector puts you on hold, so you end up waiting for days to get your goods inspected?

Call KRM Inspection, and you will never have to wait again! Get peace of mind that your goods safe and sound.


You’re not sure what the quality of your shipment is, and you don’t want to take any chances.


Trust the accredited professionals. We dare you to get inspected by KRM Inspection.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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Our services:

Laboratory Services

For our customers, we provide flexible, market-driven laboratory services that analyze a broad array of products within the foodstuffs, animal feed, compound feed, and (bio)fuels sectors. To ensure the quality of grains and oilseeds, swift and effective testing is essential. Our comprehensive grain and oilseed testing services swiftly and reliably confirm quality, while also facilitating proximate analysis and the detection of mycotoxins, contaminants, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). As a leader in grains and oilseeds testing, we bring unparalleled agricultural expertise and a vast global network to the table. Leveraging innovative technology, advanced testing methods, and skilled scientists and technicians, our laboratories uphold the highest standards of precision and integrity. Moreover, as a superintendent member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta), we possess the capability to inspect, verify, analyze, and offer guidance on all commodities (grain, pulses, rice, general produce, spice, and feeds) traded under Gafta Contract Terms.

Sampling & Lab Sample Analysis

We provide sampling services for a variety of agricultural commodities, including grains, oilseeds, feeds, liquids, soil, plant tissue, and water. Our sampling analysis covers the entire process from field sampling to laboratory analysis. You obtain the necessary data to make informed decisions while verifying quality standards and taking appropriate actions when necessary. Our sampling methodologies ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results. We provide you with the necessary data to make informed decisions. By testing samples rather than the entire batches, we streamline both time and costs associated with quality control activities.

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