The KRM Inspection GTC – Grader Training Course.

The KRM Inspection team welcomes you to attend it’s very own Grader Training Course.
Training is delivered by a certified assessment trainer authorised by the National Commission for the Evaluation of Consumption Seeds and includes theoretical debriefing sessions as well as hands-on applications for the newly acquired skills, as part of the course’s in-laboratory practice.

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1. Legislation on Establishment and Operation of CNGSC.

– CNGSC and classification of seeds for consumption,
– Rules & regulations in the field of separation of CNGSC and consumer seeds,
– Management of documents related to the sorting activity,
– Rules & regulations on classification licenses – CNGSC grants.

2. Legislation in the field of consumer seed storage, certificates and warehouse licenses.

– Regime for warehousingcertificates,
– The licensing of warehousing permits,
– Technical norms regarding the determination and application of scales and perishability for stored consumption seeds.

3. Product specification standards for consumer seeds to which the grading regulations apply

4. Standards and Methods of working for determining the tests on the basis of which the grading plan is applied

5. Grading handbook and grading evaluation implementation techniques

– Presentation of the grading manual
– Quality conditions for awarding degrees

Evaluation handbook and  applying the techniques

– Presentation of the evaluation manual
– Quality conditions that need to be met for proper grading
– Grading techniques per evaluated product – HANDS-ON PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE

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